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Bourne Grammar School


A Level Biology

Introduction for A Level Preparation

In Year 12 Biology you have two teachers. One teacher covers cells, cell transport, biochemistry, DNA, enzymes and cell division. The other teacher covers exchange surfaces, animal transport, plant transport, disease, evolution and biodiversity.

The files you find here have been designed to give you a head start to A Level Biology.

The Biology Course Information booklet covers most of the frequently asked questions students have before they start the Biology course. It should shed light on the content, course structure, exam format, exam boards and how to study.

The key concepts notes are GCSE topics which are worth knowing ‘like the back of your hand’ when starting A Level Biology.

The key skills notes, tests, and answers provide guidance on what maths and graphs skills you need during A Level.

The practical skills handbook goes through key terms and skills association with investigations.

The extra reading is a document containing book recommendations, useful magazines and websites to contribute to your A Level Biology studies.