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Statistics (Edexcel 1ST0) is available as an option at GCSE level (Years 10 and 11) and it covers the four stages of the statistical enquiry cycle. Students learn how to plan, collect, represent and evaluate data and do so alongside several projects in the two-year course. Students have formal assessments at the end of Year 10, as well as a mock exam in the second term of Year 11.

There are a wealth of resources, past papers and key quizzes available on the School's Open Drive.


Statistics and Further Maths

Statistics (Edexcel 1ST0) and Level 2 Further Maths (AQA 8365) is available as an option at GCSE level (Years 10 and 11), available to pupils who score in the top 50% of the year in the Year 9 Mid-Year Exam. The courses are taught back to back, with Statistics taught in Year 10 (with a similar course structure as above), and Further Maths taught in Year 11.

Students studying this course will obtain two GCSE-equivalent qualifications, and it is a recommended option if students wish to study Mathematics at A-Level (Years 12 and 13).