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Bourne Grammar School

Pastoral care at Bourne Grammar is central to students' development.  We believe that providing a framework of care and support for our students will assist them in their academic development throughout their school life.


It is the Form Tutor who will see the student during registration in the morning and who will deliver the programmes of Personal, Social and Health Education.  Therefore the Form Tutor will be the teacher who develops the greatest understanding of each child's strengths and weaknesses and who will share in their celebrations and disappointments.  Managing the Form Tutors in each year is the Head of Year.  They will deal with any long term educational or disciplinary concerns.


We encourage parents to work closely in partnership with us.  The School has a strong disciplinary code in conjunction with a desire for the students to behave and act in a responsible and respectful manner within our community.  We hope that students will learn to develop their own individuality whilst maintaining sensitivity towards others of differing beliefs.  We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and to consider the impact of these upon the community.


The School encourages students to take responsibility through a multitude of differing roles.  Each Form will elect a Student Council representative who will discuss any issues of concern at the fortnightly meetings.  Each Form will also have a two Form Captains.  This role will require the individual to liaise with their peers and their tutors on a number of different tasks.  The school encourages students to hold positions of authority in particular curricular areas.  Sports Captains are responsible for all communications between the teacher and the team whilst in Drama the stage crew are wholly responsible for the lighting, sound and backstage aspects of all productions.

The School places high expectations of behaviour upon the students but is aware of the importance of allowing students to learn from their mistakes.

If you have any pastoral concerns please contact: