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Bourne Grammar School


Citizenship is taught in discrete lessons in Year 7, delivered by the Headteacher. Citizenship is mapped across the curriculum through the tutor-time and assembly programme throughout Years 8 – 11. 



Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is delivered via the tutor programme in Years 7-11. All work is monitored and quality assured by a PSHE Co-ordinator, who also arranges for visiting groups to have an input into the programme. 

The PSHE programme aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices, develop resilience and signpost support for mental ill health, as well as prepare our students to be well-rounded young people who can engage in the wider world. The curriculum is divided into three strands — Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World. Each strand lasts around a term and covers issues as diverse as understanding payslips, consent, mindfulness and revision techniques. The current scheme of work can be viewed in the document below. 

Where appropriate, we have also developed digital resources to aid in the delivery of PSHE to all students. Though so far given to particular year groups, the topics and the guidance provided are relevant to all, and we would encourage any student, parent or carer to watch them, both for the wisdom on offer and for the insight they provide into the values we hold dear at Bourne Grammar School. These videos and others can be viewed here — information about some of the videos can be found in the table below. 


Year Topic Summary
7 Dignity In this assembly we discuss the importance of treating people with dignity and respect, as well as how we can develop an ethos of dignity at BGS. This is a key part of our Relationships education programme.
9 Digital Citizenship COVID-19 has pushed a lot of our socialising online. This assembly looks at our responsibility as digital citizens and forms part of our Living in the Wider World education programme. 
9 Silence As part of our Relationships education programme, this assembly delves into how each person can help create a school culture that affirms all pupils regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Mental Health

(Year 10

& Year 11)

With the unique stresses and challenges of the GCSE course, coupled with the strain brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this assembly gives concrete advice for supporting a friend (or yourself) through poor mental health. This forms part of our ongoing Health and Wellbeing education.