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Welcome from the Head Students

Head Students

As the 2023/24 Head Student Team, we would like to welcome you to BGS.

Here at Bourne Grammar School, we pride ourselves on our academic prestige, but this is only made possible by the strong support system, diverse range of extracurricular activities and wealth of opportunities for enrichment that are provided for every student - allowing them to be their best selves both inside and out of the classroom. 

We currently have more student involvement than ever within the School community with the recently transformed Student Council and Prefect Committee system giving pupils in every year group the chance to have their voices heard. Their concerns are raised by representatives in weekly meetings with our Headteacher, Mr Anderson, giving them the opportunity to affect real change within School on issues that are most important to them. Moreover, the opportunity to take part in extracurricular clubs (many of which are student-led) has never been more appreciated with a vast array of lunchtime and after-school activities from Lego Club, Build-Your-Confidence sessions to the Debating Society being regularly attended by the student body.

In School, each year group has their own Pastoral Base and dedicated teams of staff who are always on hand to provide a safe space for students who may need it; whether it’s a reassuring word during exam times, access to specialist mental health support or simply a quiet area to decompress. The emphasis we place as a School upon creating a community in which every student feels supported, facilitates our fantastic academic success and means that as a School we do indeed have the best atmosphere, the best support and the best results. 

The Head Student Team