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Bourne Grammar School

Year 7

Students study the following subjects in tutor groups: Art, Citizenship, Computer Science, Design Engineering, Drama, English, EPR (Ethics, Philosophy & Religion), Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, PE, Science and Spanish. Lessons are taught across a two-week timetable and there is no setting in any subject during Year 7.

Year 8

As per Year 7 except that Citizenship is not studied, and Mathematics and English are set from the start of the year.

Year 9

All students study: Art, Computer Science, Design Engineering, Drama, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, PE, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), and Spanish.

For English, Mathematics and Science, students are placed in one of two setting bands: G or S. The S band is sub-divided into four sets: S (upper set), S1 (upper middle set), S2 (lower middle set) and S3 (lower set), and the G band into three sets: G1 (upper middle set), G2 (lower middle set) and G3 (lower set). G1 and S1 are sets of broadly equivalent ability, as are G2 and S2, and G3 and S3.

French or German are studied by the more-able linguists. There are two sets of French and two sets of German. Students not studying French or German study a combination of EPR, additional Computer Science, and Business.

Years 10 and 11

Students study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish in sets within the S and G banding structure. A non-examined course in PE is also followed by all students. Students have a free choice of three subjects for GCSE options; they must select at least one Humanity subject from Geography, History and EPR, and then make two further choices from Art, Computer Science, Design Engineering, Drama, EPR, French, Geography, German, History, Music, PE and Statistics.

Sixth Form

Full details of the A-Level subjects offered in Sixth Form can be found under the Sixth Form section.

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Equality and SEND

You can read more about how we comply with the Equality Act 2010 and Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 by reading the relevant policies here.


16-19 Study Programme

You can learn about our post-16 options in the Sixth Form by visiting our dedicated pages here.


More information

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