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Bourne Grammar School

Y9 had a unique insight into the realities of WWI

Report by Tallulah Toms in 9F

On Thursday 8th January, Y9 had a unique insight into the realities of WWI . Andrew Spooner has an extensive collection of objects used in battle, as part of survival and personal paraphernalia. We learnt about some of the common misconceptions of WWI, such as soldiers lived in nightmare trenches for months on end, when in reality they only spent a few days in the fire line (front trench) and then moved to a different trench further back. We were shown weaponry: rifles, a grenade, a machine gun, and various other devices used during the battle: caltrops and barbed wire. Some of the artifacts were unusually well preserved, like the 35 year old biscuit, whereas others held a great amount of sadness. For instance some letters from a nurse to a mother, who's child had been admitted to hospital and then died later on from fatal injuries. We learnt about the changes that occurred during The Great War and overall it was a magical experience, that was really great way to start off our new topic.