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Bourne Grammar School

Consultation on 2019 Admissions Policy

2019 Admissions Policy - Consultation

In accordance with the School's Admissions Code, all schools are required to consult on their Admissions Policy at least once every seven years (even if there are no changes in the policy) or where a change in policy is proposed.

The draft 2019 Admissions Policy for Bourne Grammar School is subject to consultation due to the following proposed change:

Distance from home address to school is part of the School’s oversubscription criteria and is currently calculated using driving distance (to three decimal places). For 2019 admissions onwards, the distance from home address to school will be calculated using straight-line distance (to three decimal places).

Lincolnshire County Council school admission team are responsible for calculating the distance from home address to school. The change from driving distance to straight-line distance is being imposed by the LCC school admission team as the cost of updating software to calculate driving distance has become prohibitive. The calculation of straight-line distance is carried out cost-effectively using the geo-codes of the home address and school address.

The period of consultation is Monday 6 November 2017 until Monday 18 December 2017. Parents who wish to comment on the proposed change detailed above should email their comments to before 09:00 on Monday 18 December. Governors will consider all such comments before publishing the final 2019 Admissions Policy by 28 February 2018. Only comments relating to the proposed change will be considered.